Charity Law

We offer a specialism in local and national charities and non profit organisations together with local parish and diocese church matters

The landscape of Charity Law is changing with the extension of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland we offer advice on the implications of same together with the Charities Act 2008 and 2013 to our clients.  We can help with formation and registration; governance; duties of charitable Trustees and Directors; Cy-Prés  Schemes and most commonly Property issues. We have a great deal of experience in acting for recognisable clients in this field such as Southern Area Hospice Services Ltd and Diocese of Dromore.


"Luke Curran & Co. Solicitors have provided our legal support for several years and we have always been very pleased with their services . They have been reliable and efficient, representing our legal matters very effectively. The whole team are always professional helpful I could not recommend them highly enough"