PSNI Crackdown on Drink Driving over Holiday Period. Business we can do without!

Published on: 30 December 2016

Early statistics have revealed a 45% increase in detection of driving whilst over the legal limit in December compared to last year.

New legislation has empowered the PSNI to carry out random breath testing.  This has given rise to a new strategy on their part to combat drink driving in what is the most notorious time of year.

Over the last month a total of 241 drivers have been arrested across 667 check points amounting to 74 drink driving detection’s.

It is commonly accepted that even one drink can impair your ability to drive and so this dangerous practice is placing lives at risk.  Over 66 people have lost their lives in road traffic collisions this year with many more being seriously injured.

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2016 currently awaiting implementation will introduce a two tier drink driving limit:

50 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood for typical road users and

20 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood for leaner drivers or professional drivers.

It also removes the ability to opt out of providing urine or blood tests in marginal cases and provides stricter rules for rehabilitation courses.

The trend is clearly towards zero tolerance.  So if you are out and about over the New Year celebrating remember don’t take the chance, the risks are high and the implications are severe.   Make sure to leave the car at home.  Otherwise you’ll find yourself on a trip to the cells in the middle of the night followed by a day in Court facing a stiff fine and a 12 month disqualification (subject to any reduction for the drink driving scheme).

It will not be the start to the New Year you were hoping for.

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