Custody and Contact with Children

If your relationship with your partner has broken down then it is important to establish the arrangements for custody and contact with children.

The court looks for what is in the child’s best interests first not that of the parents. The welfare of the children is paramount and the court will take into consideration practical issues such as school, travel arrangements, working hours and parents’ location.

There is a presumption towards contact for parents with a child unless there are strong welfare reasons to suggest it is not in the child’s best interests.

Some of the Court Orders that parents should familiarise themselves with.

Key Court Orders –

 A Residence Order determines where a child will live.

  • A Contact Order determines how much contact a non-resident parent will have and can include holiday periods.
  • A Joint Residence Order can split residency between parents if this is practically possible for the parents without interrupting the child’s routine.
  • A Specific Issues Order can determine issues such as a child’s school or religion.
  • A Prohibited Steps Order can prevent a parent from taking certain steps such taking a child out of a school or out of the country.

If you have recently separated from your parent we recommend that you seek professional advice at an early stage to safeguard your interests and right to a continuing relationship with your children. We recommend that you make every effort to resolve any issues you may have amicably with your partner through discussing the matter openly, through your solicitor and if necessary through mediation. It is in the child’s best interest and yours that you maintain a cooperative working relationship with your former partner going forward rather than adding fuel to the fire with unnecessary conflict.

If these efforts do not help to resolve the matter, we will represent you at Court to ensure that your rights are protected. Do not delay if you are not if you are being denied contact with your child or if your former partner is not abiding by the terms you have agreed.

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