Landowners sale for development

We regularly act for landowners on the opportunity to sell their land for development purposes. We can protect those who are not experienced in such transaction. We know that some may feel uneasy when faced with the complex and unfamiliar issues which arise in such transactions, particularly when the other party in the transaction is a larger entity with greater commercial experience.

We deal with all types of land agreements including those conditional on the satisfactory planning permission. This will require the disposal contract to include positive obligations on the developer to secure that planning permission within a certain period of time.

We are comfortable dealing with more complex agreements on the full range of developments, from one or two unit schemes to those resulting in the creation of whole new settlements.

Our extensive experience in this area and our understanding of the relevant issues allows us to offer you the specialist legal advice you may need to put yourself on an equal footing with the experienced and well-resourced housebuilder or land promoter.

Some of the types of agreements and arrangements which we can advise you on are:-

  • Lock-out/exclusivity agreements
  • Conditional and unconditional contracts for the sale of  land
  • Option agreements
  • Acquiring rights, easements and covenants over land
  • Release and/or variation of rights, easements and covenants affecting landWe also have a strong farming family client base and a depth of understanding of the particular challenges and opportunities within the agricultural sector. This, combined with our commercial strength and expertise means that we are well placed to advise those in the agricultural sector looking to diversify their portfolio by offering or promoting part of their land for development.
  • We appreciate that in many instances where an agricultural landowner is disposing of land for development they will often wish to reinvest the proceeds of sale in a further agricultural holding or holdings. In these circumstances it is important for the landowner to have a strong team of advisers to help facilitate the transition and in doing so mitigate any potential tax liabilities so far as reasonably possible.
  • We can work closely with your retained accountants and tax advisers to ensure tax efficiency.


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