What to expect from your Solicitor – Buying a House or Selling a House

Buying or selling a house can be new experience for many people so we have broken down the solicitors role to help you stay informed throughout.

The Solicitors Role in Buying or Selling a House will include providing upfront Fee Estimates to ensure that there are no hidden costs.  We give a detailed breakdown and explanation of our professional fee and VAT together with the outlay you are likely to incur including Property Certificates, Searches, Land Registry Fees and Stamp Duty so that you can budget accordingly.

Some of the typical tasks that we complete on your behalf depending on whether you are buying or selling  include:

  • investigation of ownership documents
  • examination or drafting of contract
  • raising queries on title
  • requesting and examining all necessary reports on:
    • planning status
    • building control issues
    • roads
    • sewers
    • water
    • Energy Performance Certificates
    • rights of way, access and usage
    • bankruptcy and court judgment details against the seller
    • searches in Land Registers against the property and the seller
  • reporting to the buyer and settling details on:
    • valuation, timber and structural survey reports
    • fixtures, fittings and contents proposals
    • title details
    • contract proposals
  • drafting and preparing for signature
    • transfer documents
    • mortgage deeds
    • stamp duty land tax return forms
  • having buyer sign the
    • mortgage deed
    • contract
    • fixtures, fittings and contents lists
    • stamp duty land tax return forms
  • protecting lenders interests by checking:
    • the buyers identity
    • reporting to the lender on title details
    • reporting any adverse problems to the lender
    • reporting any change in property price
  • requesting
    • the deposit from the buyer and paying to the seller’s solicitor
    • mortgage funds from the lender
    • the balance funds from the buyer
  • effecting completion
    • paying the funds over to the seller’s solicitor on completion
    • submitting stamp duty land tax forms to the Inland Revenue and Customs together with paying any stamp duty applicable
    • key arrangements
    • paying funds to lender
    • paying balance to client and  obtain release of any charge
  • registering
    • ownership transfer documents
    • lender’s mortgage documents
  • finalising
    • closing searches on completion of registrations
    • collating all ownership documents and sending to lender to keep as security
    • closing the Solicitor’s file and storing it

This is no mean task and it is essential that you have confidence in the solicitor acting for you.  So let your specialist local Newry Solicitor take care of your residential property transaction.

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