Losing Your Home to Nursing or Long Term Care Fees

If you live in Northern Ireland and have over £23,250 in capital (savings, investments and property including the value of your home) as at 2018, your local Health and Social Care Trust will assess you as being able to pay the full cost of your residential care or nursing home fees. It is against the law to transfer ownership of an asset to another person specifically to avoid paying your care home fees HOWEVER there are many reasons however why someone may wish to dispose of the family home that do not include trying to avoid long term care costs.

Our short guide offers specialist advice so that you can move to protect your family home:


  1. Introduction
  2. For and Against Outright Gifts of the Family Home
  3. Reasons for Caution About Making Outright Gifts of the Family Home
  4. Other Issues When Considering Gifting
  5. Transferring the Family Home into a ‘Flexible Life Interest Trust’: A Family Trust
  6. Standard Guidance on the Cost of Long Term Care